Book Review – NEVERWERE (Neil Gaiman)

First off let me say that I truly enjoyed this book. I also really loved that the writing style reminded me of my sisters in progress book (looking forward to reviewing that one in full for all of you!). I read this for a reading challenge I am taking part in over at It was the book I chose for my “England” destination. This was an entertaining read and at only 248 pages also a quick one.

NEVERWHERE (Neil Gaiman)

Our main character Richard Mayhew is living a ‘normal’ life in London. He has an apartment, a fiance and a job all until he stumbles across a bleeding girl on the sidewalk. He listens to the girl and instead of calling the police as his fiance suggests he takes the girl to his home to tend to her wounds. The mysterious girl with the even stranger name, Door, disappears. By the following morning Richard finds that he has become invisible to those around him. ‘London above’ no longer sees him and he is forced into the word of ‘London Below’ where anything is possible. He ends up on a rather bizarre adventure with Lady Door and a host of other entertaining and well developed characters. Magic and mayhem ensue. I particularly loved the way this book ended – but I wont spoil it for you!

Go out and buy this book or find it at your local library! I had to place a library hold to get my hands on it and it was definitely worth the wait.

5/5 stars

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